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Family Auto Care - About Us

Sean Sredl - Owner

Sean Sredl
  • Sean Sredl has worked with his hands since grade school - taking things apart to understand how they work is a passion. He finds fixing what's broken after isolating the root cause invigorating and challenging.
  • Sean worked as a carpenter’s apprentice for three years after high school. He enjoyed the work most of the time, but felt an urge to further his education. After coasting in junior college for a while, Sean discovered his passion, automotive repair. He enrolled at Sequoia Automotive Institute (now called Wyotech). After a year and a half of intensive study and hands-on experience, Sean graduated with honors earning a California State Smog license along with an Associates of Applied Science degree. He became an ASE Master Certified technician in 2005
  • Sean has spent his entire career learning, growing and trying to enhance his depth of knowledge and gaining invaluable experience along the way. He continues training to keep his mind sharp and to stay abreast on new procedures, systems and technologies. Automobiles and systems today are more complex than ever.
  • When Sean isn't in the garage working in or under cars, trucks and SUVs he's engaged with customers. Sean finds his time with individual customers a rewarding part of his job.
  • Sean and Nicole have been married for nine years and have two daughters. When not at work he loves spending time with his family. They camp, go to the park, play puzzles, or watch family movies together. The family is very active in their church, so you’ll know where to find them Wednesday night or Sunday morning! Sean and Nicole both enjoy serving others and being helpful to those in need is a personal calling and blessing.
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Nicole Sredl - Service Advisor

Nicole Sredl
  • Nicole spent years working in Auto Parts stores as a counter person and in management. She earned an ASE certification as a Parts Specialist.
  • It was while working in a parts store that she met Sean when he came in one Sunday afternoon. They went out on a date and the rest is history. Nicole left the parts business to try something new and went to work for a company that served DD adults. It was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding positions that she has held. It brought new meaning of life to her and there was never a dull moment - as there really never was.
  • That career move was shorter than she had hoped, because she could not pass up a chance to work in an actual auto shop and learn the business inside and out. Her goal was to have her own auto repair shop someday. Nicole learned everything she could and got to meet a lot of really neat technicians and other shop owners.
  • She enjoys spending time with her family as that does not happen as often as she would like. She enjoys her children, and Sean, but also enjoys camping, doing puzzles and cooking.