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Family Auto Care - Preventive Maintenance

  • One of the most important aspects of auto care is routine OEM preventive maintenance which is essential to a dependable, long lived vehicle.

    Preventive maintenance is often over looked, that is until the vehicle stops functioning. By this time, an inexpensive maintenance cost can potentially end up costing thousands of dollars in repair bills.

    Family Auto Care offers a full range of preventive maintenance services that will keep your vehicle running smoother and making it last longer. Never sacrifice proper maintenance because it provides longevity, reliability and peace of mind. We can't promise that it will always work, but when you regularly perform preventive maintenance you greatly reduce the risk of being stranded or the vehicle breaking down.

    The most critical part of your vehicle, other than the brakes, is the engine - and the most costly component of the vehicle. Taking care of the engine is important. Regular oil changes and engine check-ups are part of any preventive maintenance program. Oil changes need to be performed as dictated by the manufacturer but also as they relate to your driving habits and the conditions the vehicle is subjected too. We're always pleased to evaluate and provide an honest maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

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